Hi out there A few month ago I decided to switch back to Linux. Because of this I will discontinue the developement of DarX. In a few days I will publish the sourcecode on GitHub. Anyone who is interested in future developement is welcome. But be aware, there will be nearly no support for my […]

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Safari wasd

Just adjust the Safari extension Vim keybindings for Safari for my own needs. You can now navigate through webpages with wasd and the typical Vim movement hjkl. The README can be found here, except the dd and d command does not work as described and you can navigate with wasd. So happy browsing. Source can

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New Version released. Now you can play for hours and hours x01 vs. me and your stats will be updated automatically. So the strength of your opponent will be updated, too. There are also some minor bugfixes.

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Just released a new version of DarX with a new game. Now you can play against yourself. The score of your “opponent” is calculated on the basis of your averages score in the single x01 game. There is a bug with displaying the score of your “opponent”. If the opponent started the game, the throws

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As you may have noticed, there were no updates in the past few weeks. I had not much time. Holidays, summer and so on… But I had enough time to plan some new features. There will be new stats and perhaps new games. Don’t know how long it will take, but I hope will be

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Just implemented a new function to my homepage. Now you can post comments to my posts. To avoid spam, I approve every comment manually. So please wait a bit for your comment to be shown.

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Mac OS X Lion

Just tested DarX against the upcoming version of Mac OS. For me it crashes on every startup, but found a simple workaround. In the preferences check “Always” for the scroll bars. If they are shown permanently, there will be no problem. For sure I’m going to search for a better solution

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Due to a lack of alphatesters, I decided to implement the remote 501 against DartPro users into the regular version. For sure there will be a lot of bugs, but it is very hard to test without any knowledge of the original sourcecode. Have fun and report any bugs!

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