September 2012

Playlist for mpd

Here is a little script to generate playlists from folders for mpd. Execute this Skript with the folders name under your music folder. if [ -z “$1″ ] then echo $0 folder else cd /mnt/data/ find music/”$1″ -name ‘*.mp3’ > /mnt/data/playlists/”$1”.m3u fi

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Copy flashvideos to disk

So if you want to save flashvideos from certain websites, you can use this little script. Flash saves all his files in /tmp but deletes them instantly from the filesystem. No file is just deleted immediate from the disk while the application, which creates the file, is running. The file is still accessible through procfs.

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Hi out there A few month ago I decided to switch back to Linux. Because of this I will discontinue the developement of DarX. In a few days I will publish the sourcecode on GitHub. Anyone who is interested in future developement is welcome. But be aware, there will be nearly no support for my

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