Windows 7 Backup 0x80070002

Today I encountered a problem with Windows 7 Backup & Recovery. I was not able to backup anything on my computer. The Windows 7 Backup fails with error 0x80070002 – file not found. After a long search I found that there is a misconfiguration in the registry. In Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList the active profiles are listed. …

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Multiple SSH Keys

Sometimes I need to generate passwordless authentication via ssh. So here is a little tutorial: Now login should work with “ssh remotemachine”.


I’ve reimplemented the comments section. The CAPTCHA must now be entered together with the comment and you will no more redirected to another page.

Convert Xen xva to vhd

Sometimes I need to convert a xen xva image to a vhd image for VirtualBox. So here is a quick howto: qemu-img convert -O raw input_file.xva output.raw VBoxManage convertfromraw input_file.raw output_file.vhd –format VHD